We Should Extend The Passing Period Time

Levi Shumway, Section Reporter

Here at Fremont, we have a three minute passing period. That’s three minutes to get to class, get a drink, go to our lockers. It also gives students only three minutes to go to the bathroom, because most teachers won’t let students out during class, or they get upset. 

I know that teachers don’t want to take time out of class, so I have a solution. Mr. Bentea, pay attention: I think that we should add three to five minutes to the passing periods, so that we have more time to do everything we need to do. But, I know what people are going to say; “That would take time away from classes.” I also have a solution to that; we could add the same amount of time to each class period. That would make classes three to five minutes longer, and the school day twenty four to forty minutes longer. I know that’s a lot of time, but we would also add that time to passing periods. There. Now everyone is happy.

I think that we should really consider this, because it would give teachers the same amount of teaching time, and students would actually have time to go to the bathroom, go to their lockers, get a drink, AND get to class on time.