Welcome to Fremont, Mr. Meeds!


Lily McMurtrey, Section Reporter

Mr. Meeds is an 8th grade math teacher here at Fremont. This is Mr. Meed’s first year teaching. He grew up in Klamath Falls and has lived in Portland and Corvallis. He has lived in Oregon his whole life. Out of all the places he’s lived he says Roseburg is the best for him and he will hopefully live here a while. He wanted to become a teacher because he likes teaching students and passing on new important knowledge. He decided to teach math because we use math everyday whether we like it or not. Math is used to buy food at the grocery store or at your job. “Math is very useful,’’ says Mr. Meeds. 

Mr. Meeds said he wanted to work at Fremont because the staff is really great and supportive.  The community around Fremont is wonderful. Overall he says working at Fremont is awesome.  The staff is very supportive and he says you don’t always see that at other schools. 

Surprisingly, teachers do have a life outside of school. Mr. Meed’s favorite hobby is scuba diving, but he doesnt get to do that very often because the oceans are very cold. The thing he does most regularly outside of school is binge watching netflix. Commonly both students and Mr. Meeds likes to binge watch Netflix. Hopefully he has a wonderful time teaching here at Fremont and the students don’t give him too much trouble.