Welcome to Fremont, Mr. Norton!

Emma Pulliam, Section Reporter

Blake Norton is a new social studies teacher at Fremont Middle School. He was brought into the joys of teaching by his former 5th-grade teacher, Mr. Hoque. He says “ When I was in 5th grade I had a report of what I wanted to be when I grew up and I chose a teacher because I could easily get the answers from my teacher. But as he answered my questions I became interested in history and thought it could be a wonderful job. The way Mr. Hoque taught made it fun and easy to learn,” Mr. Hoque still works at Fremont to this day.

Mr. Norton grew up in Roseburg and went to Fremont as a middle school student. He states “ I applied to Fremont because I had an understanding of what these middle schoolers are going through and I think I could help them. I also wanted to be closer to home and family.” To Blake Norton, his joy from teaching was having an impact on his students and building a positive relationship with them.

As expected, Mr. Norton has had some challenges this year. Such as the planning but to him it was always worth it to do the job he loves so much. He added “I have never regretted teaching. Since COVID there have been some difficult things about teaching, but I have been working towards this goal and now I’m finally a teacher and I’m just trying to be the best teacher I can be.” Mr. Norton is a great addition to Fremont Middle School.