Welcome to Fremont, Mr. Wersal!


Chloe Garcia, Section Reporter

Austin Wersal is a new teacher here at Fremont. He is originally from Wisconsin and grew up there his whole life. Out of all the places he chose to live he chose Oregon. He said that, ¨California was too expensive, and Washington was too far out in his mind so Oregon was just perfect for him and his wife.¨ Out of his time in Oregon the most exciting thing he has done would be exploring.

He decided to become a teacher because he really liked science. Mr. Wersal originally wanted to become a physician’s assistant but he found that was not really for him. One day the idea of teaching was brought up to him. He has never taught any other subjects other than science.

I learned a little bit more about Mr. Wersal. He has a few favorite movie series. He likes the Marvel series, mainly Iron Man, and he also likes the Lord of the Rings and Star Wars trilogies. ¨If he were to have any car he said he would have one that does not break because he does not really know how to fix a car. His favorite sport to play is lacrosse but his favorite sport to watch is football.¨

He and his wife have four cats: William (Bill), Stella, Bailey, and Gizmo.

Mr. Wersal is planning on staying here in Oregon for a while. While he is here he wants to meet people and see what there is to see. He has put an offer on a house so that means that he will be staying and hopefully enjoying the life he has here in Oregon.