Welcome to Fremont, Mrs. Waite-Taggart!


McKenzie Castillo-Herrera, Section Reporter

A couple of weeks ago I interviewed Ms. Taggart, one of our new teachers at Fremont. Ms. Taggart is a Language Arts teacher for 8th grade.


McKenzie: “What is some advice you’ve given your students?” 

Mrs. Waite-Taggart: “I personally tell them “I believe in you” because middle school is a place where confidence isn’t there most of the time and  I know that teens can get self conscious.” 

McKenzie: “What is the hardest part about being a teacher?” She said

Mrs. W-T: “The hardest part for me is planning lessons where everyone can learn at different paces and some learn fast, some slow, which is one of the difficult tasks I have as a teacher.”  I totally understand not all kids learn at the same speed. 

McKenzie: “How do you handle stress?” 

Mrs. W-T: “Most of the time I like to clean or I journal to space my mind out.” Cleaning really does space out people’s minds for some. 

McKenzie: “Why’d you become  a teacher?”

Mrs. W-T: “Well my parents are teachers, my grandparents were teachers, my brother is a teacher… so it kind of runs in my blood. I’ve always liked studying English.” 

McKenzie: “What inspired you to be a teacher?”

Mrs. W-T: “Well one of my English teachers always helped me when I was down and it was very life challenging because he evaluated every little thing I said. My sixth grade problems were not so big but it taught me to think a lot.” I totally understand her. 

McKenzie: “How do you keep a good relationship with your students?” 

Mrs. W-T: “So my main thing is I try to find something we can relate to as if it’s having many siblings or having a dog or if it’s having many friends etc, I also try to relate to them and find something we both love.” 

McKenzie: “How do you take care of yourself after a long working week?”

Mrs. W-T: “Well I either go on a walk with my dog and listen to my podcasts because it helps me get things out of my head or I clean up or watch tv. It helps me relax for about 1 to 2 hours.” 

Last question!

McKenzie: “How do you stay organized?”

Mrs. W-T: “I stay organized by taking notes and making a list. I’m always marking on my to-do list.”

We’re so glad you’re here, Mrs. Waite-Taggart!