Welcome to Fremont, Ms. Sommers!

Emma Pulliam, Section Reporter

Everett Somers is a new science teacher at Fremont Middle School. Everett states “I fell in love with teaching as I was volunteering at a science camp for young women in the middle of my first and second year of college.” Most teachers would say the love of learning is why they became a teacher but Ms. Somers says another “I wanted to become a teacher because I love the students and having that aha moment when you teach a student something new is the best feeling in the world.” Everyone has that one feeling that makes your life meaningful and brings you joy.

For Ms. Somers, applying for a job at Fremont was a spontaneous act. She says “I wasn’t originally planning to work at Fremont but after I applied and was accepted, I met Mr. Bentea, Mr. Hughes, and a couple of other science teachers. I thought this would be a good place for me to teach, and I love the community here.”

Teaching during a pandemic is certainly a challenge that many teachers have had to adapt to. Somers states “I wasn’t taught much about being flexible as a teacher. Things change and one of the biggest skills you need being a teacher is being able to change your plan at the moment. You also must make sure it is the best choice for your students.” So far she does not regret being a science teacher at Fremont.