What About The Attendance Parties?


Jenna Fay, Opinion Reporter

This year at Fremont Middle School, our goal is to have the best attendance we possibly can (98%)! For that reason, Mr.Hughes puts together attendance parties. Every month he plans parties with some of the staff for the students with perfect attendance. Many students attend these parties, but not all. Are the parties fun? 

Well, according to a 7th grade student, Madison Martin, she has gone to every party, but she hasn’t enjoyed any of them. She states, “They are boring because there is nothing to do!”Another seventh grade boy, Landon Willis, says that he has never gone to an attendance party before, and he has never heard anything about them. He says, “I would like to go to a party. They seem fun!” 

The attendance parties are a great idea to keep attendance up but most students come out of the parties bored and disappointed. Right now, you can expect some food(goes with theme), sometimes movies, and possibly drinks. Maybe the school can have more snacks, drinks, music, games, and enjoyable ideas to make the parties enjoyable so more kids will talk about them. If more kids spread good words about the parties, then more students will attend the parties and attendance will go up!