What are we Building at Fremont?

Kyla Funner, Section Editor

Fremont Middle School has brought back wood-shop for all those students who love building. Mrs. Grauer has volunteered to be the wood-shop teacher. The reason Fremont brought back wood-shop was because they were seeing there was a need for a hands on class.

Mrs. Grauer said “Class has been a roller coaster but that the students are loving the hands on component.” In class students have made a tissue box and have designed and built bridges. The students also tested the stability of their bridges by stacking weights on top of the finished bridges. The most weight any bridge held was an amazing 123 pounds. Students designed their bridges and built them out of just ten thin pieces of wood. 

Students are learning to use various tools as well. The tools they have used so far are a block plane, scroll saw, coping saw, and measuring tape. The wood they’ve used and will use all year is pine. In the future, the class is going to make a shelf, boot jack, and their own project (debating on a birdhouse).