What Is Cooperation?

Catelynrose Hardin, Opinion

All of us have heard the word cooperation in our life. In fact, it is one of our Fremont Star Values! What is its definitions? What are some examples of cooperation? What would happen if we didn’t have it? Why is cooperation so important? Well, I’m going to answer all of those question about this important Star Value.
The definition of cooperation is working together to the same end. An example of this is when people are in a group for a project. They work together to get to the same result. If we didn’t have cooperation, people would be arguing and working independently in the group and their grade could be messed up because of it. When people use cooperation in a group, they work together to get the job done and have a good score.
Cooperation is important because without it there would be no teamwork. Cooperation is also important because it allows people to exchange information that helps both sides improve their knowledge bases, work in an efficient manner, and end with the same result. In conclusion, cooperation is a really important Star Value and it will help people whenever they are working with others.