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Grace Brand, Section Reporter

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Use the clues and try to decide which Fremont student this is.(Capitalization and Spelling Count)

Clue #1. My favorite color is red.
Clue#2. I enjoy airsofting and paint balling for fun.
Clue#3. The best thing about Fremont is the peeps.
Clue#4. The best thing about break is that I don’t have to be at school.
Clue#5. My favorite sport is soccer.
Clue#6. Band is my favorite class.
Clue#7. I like to hang out with my friends on break.
Clue#8. Everyone is my best friend.
Clue#9. I went to Fullerton IV Elementary.
Clue#10. I am my own role model.
Clue#11. My favorite band is AJR.
Clue#12. I am 1 of 5 kids.
Clue#13. I do not have a favorite food.
Clue#14. I play drums and piano.
Clue#15. I have most of my classes with Colton Kholer and Sylas Bentea.

Answer: Levi Shumway

Clue #1. Green is my favorite color.
Clue#2. I read for fun.
Clue#3.The best thing about Fremont is the teachers.
Clue#4. My favorite teacher is Mr. Bezdek.
Clue#5. My favorite sport is hockey.
Clue#6. Science is my favorite class.
Clue#7. I do not have break.
Clue#8. My best friend is Chantell.
Clue#9. I have been in the district since kindergarten.
Clue#10. My role model is Misha Cohen.
Clue#11. I don’t have any pets.
Clue#12. I have three siblings.
Clue#13. I am not sure what my favorite food is.
Clue#14. My favorite required class is science.
Clue#15. My favorite elective is aiding.



Answer: Lyric Salazar

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