Who Knew Our Parents Were Involved?

Kaila Nunley, Section Reporter

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Not many know that our school has a PSA (Parent Staff Association). The PSA was started because parents saw a need for a group that would help parents and staff work together and make the most for students. The PSA helps fund school activities, such as when the sixth graders went to Oregon Caves. They also serve lunch for our lovely staff on grading days and even provided an all-green buffet on St. Patrick’s day featuring green apples, green grapes, green cupcakes, and many other green goodies. They do things like that to make the staff feel loved, so they have support.

The PSA has also sponsored dances such as the Glow Dance, run the concession table during sporting events, and help organize other fundraising and volunteer activities. Thanks to these programs, Fremont will be able to get new track uniforms this year. The PSA board members are Mrs. Yeager, Mrs. Wattman, Mrs. Bain, and Mrs. Louder. These parents work hard for our school, so if anyone sees them in the building, say hello and thank you. In fact, they will be selling popcorn during Spring Conferences where they will be working to fulfill teachers’ classroom wish lists and encouraging other parents to join the team. They want Fremont to have everything it needs!