Why you Should Join FBLA

Hayden Weir, Section Reporter

If you are in middle school or high school and want to have a headstart on business skills then you should join Future Business Leaders of America(FBLA). In case you think business is boring then we have Kahoots! about business which is a fun way to learn the terms. Every so often there are conferences where participants can compete in events and share what they did to help their community.

I interviewed Skylar Knox who actually started Fremont FBLA on her own. She said” The most fun thing about FBLA is probably socializing with other people and getting to interact with people I know and people I don’t know”. Recently, Fremont FBLA attended the Regional Skills Conference and placed well with Skylar Knox placing first in Career Exploration and with Bryan Briggs placing second for Intro in Computer Science/Coding.

Currently, Fremont FBLA only has about 4-8 members, and on Saturday March 20, there will be an event at Stewart Park where you can help clean up the park and get public service hours.