Winter Dance!


Ryne Wilson and V Vassar

Recently, John C. Fremont Middle School and Joseph Lane Middle School had their first ever joint dance at the Douglas County Fairgrounds. It was a great opportunity for students from both schools to meet each other and socially engage, and a resounding way to conclude the first half of the school year. 

Most of the people at the dance were from Fremont, but there were still a good amount of people who were from Jo Lane. The dance lasted two hours, and the songs played there were more popular songs, with most being from the 2010’s to 2020’s. The DJ who played the music was called “Party Doctor.” Most of the people there wore formal outfits, despite the dance itself not being quite like that. It was mostly disorganized, with kids running around and such. That doesn’t mean that people didn’t have a good time, however. One of the organizers for the dance, Mr. Hendry, stated that, “Without school dances, it takes away one less thing for students to look forward to.”

Overall, the dance was a great opportunity for many students to be active with their peers and friends, share and make memories with the people they’ve befriended, and enjoy the spoils of slightly restricted socialization. It provided a once in a lifetime opportunity for two schools to peacefully coexist and generally be kin to each other’s company. One student from Fremont, Eric Koenitzer, remarked that “It went very well, and the building was full of life”. The Winter Dance will truly be one many students will reference as the greatest social gathering in Fremont’s history.