Winter Sports Begin!


Kaia Edwards, Section Editor

 On Monday, January 3rd of 2022, winter sports began. Girls’ basketball has practice after school. They begin with practices that focus on foundation. Things like dribbling, passing, and shooting are things that practice is based around. Mr Tate, one of the coaches for girls’ basketball, claims that he is very optimistic for this season. The team appears very strong and capable, and it will be loads of fun. Mr. Tate says that basketball is about “looking for the positives in everything” and always encouraging others. Though attitude is important, stamina, drive, and determination are characteristics that are represented in basketball. The sport involves lots of coordination. Mr. Tate says that anyone can do it if they just “Practice. Practice, practice, and practice.”

   Mr. Tate is a very obviously qualified coach due to his positive behavior and attitude, but he also has experience in the sport. Mr. Tate played basketball in his freshman year of high school and enjoyed it a lot. I think we can expect a great season from both the team, and the incredible people supporting the team. 

  Boys’ wrestling also started on Monday, landing practices on the same day. Wrestling is all about getting better. Both mentally and physically, practice for wrestling is important. Mr. Wersal, one of the wrestling coaches, says that they start practice with cardio, and then they work on movement, stance, as well as take down drills. Mr. Wersal also says that strength is “accumulated through hard work”. Mr. Wersal enjoys coaching, and says he enjoys spending time with the wrestlers. He is very passionate about coaching a sport and, based upon the “wrestling culture of Roseburg” is looking forward to a very successful wrestling season. Mr. Wersal is a seven-time wrestling coach, however, it is his first time coaching here at Fremont. He continues to coach the sport because it is something he is passionate about. “I wrestled throughout high school and wanted to continue it through coaching.” Mr. Wersal is an invested coach, and I believe that he will also be a very reliable coach. Wrestling is a sport that takes much work, and if that work is completed, we too look forward to a successful season.