Youtubers and Social Stalkers


Bethany Sanderlin , Section Editor

Do you think that influencers are entitled to privacy from their fans? Last year, in 2018, James Charles bought a new home in Florida with his little brother, Ian Jeffrey. Charles later released a vlog showing off his new house. A month later he posted a complaint, both on Snapchat and Twitter. One of his tweets read, “Please stop showing up my house. I will not hug you, I will not take a photo with you, and I absolutely will not sign your pallet! It is extremely disrespectful and makes me feel very unsafe in my own home…”

After the tweets were posted on social media,feelings were mixed. Supporters on Twitter said, “It isn’t right when someone tresspasses your home, celebrities are humans too.” While others say “It’s not very kind to shun your viewers away when they gave you fame!”

This problem is not limited to Charles. Jake Paul, Team 10, and others have dealt with this matter. At least a blockful of kids showed up to Jake Paul’s house, with their parents saying, “If they pay you, you should show more appreciation.” 

It is not right to stalk or walk up to a celebrity’s house. This teaches kids that tresspassing is ok. I  agree with most of the people saying that you can’t expect celebrities to be ok with this .It’s still a wrong thing to do, especially if parents are involved. Parents have a responsibility to teach their kids to respect the privacy of others, Especially since the repercussions of not doing so could result in possible jail time.

Influencers can  have a special relationship with fans, without them knowing. This is called Parasocial Interaction, is a term coined by Donald Horton and Richard Wohl in 1956.Its a psychological relationship experienced by an audience with performers in the mass media. Everyone can experience this type of feeling, but it doesn’t justify trespassing. Everyone has a responsibility, abide by the laws and not disturb other people in their private spaces, including celebrities. Celebrities are human too.